• PROJECT NAME: SOHO Town Office

    LOCATION: Hong Kong

    OWNER: Mr. Ming CHAN

    PROJECT START: Feb 2015

    PROJECT END: May 2015

    DESCRIPTIONA contemporary design office with organic planning which emphasizes spatial quality and functions, providing its user comfort yet high efficiency in its limited area. American walnut wood finish is largely used to bring sense nature into user's space, while transparency of glass also allows sunlight to penetrate one space from one room to the others.

  • PROJECT NAME: Christine's Bistro

    LOCATION: Hong Kong

    OWNER: Ms. JIN

    PROJECT START: Sep 2014

    PROJECT END: Dec 2014

    DESCRIPTION A restaurant design which takes advantage of the fabulous night view to the dining enviornment. Serving with high quality fusion Korean food, the space could provide an unique dining experience to its customers.

  • PROJECT NAME: Wu's Residence

    LOCATION: Shanghai, PRC

    OWNER: Ms J. Wu

    PROJECT START: Mar 2015

    PROJECT END: Sep 2015

    DESCRIPTION A design and built project, personalized to meet our client's life style. Simplicity mixed with elegance, concentration in detail, resulting a contemporary design with touch of luxurious.

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